The Tests


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Durability: We tested the durability of the aerators we choose by running them through different types of soils. We ran them over uneven terrain and through rocky soils. We ran the Aerators for full days to see how they held up and if they could keep running as long as you need them to.

We then checked the aerators to see how the machines themselves held up, and what kind of damages were sustained.


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Weight: We tested the real weights of all of the aerators we choose. We took the actual units delivered to us and weighed them. Some of the units also had the ability to add extra weight so we took the weight of the entire unit with the added weight.

We also tested the transportation wheels to make sure they could handle lifting the units with and without the extra weight.

Working Speed

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Working Speed: We tested the aerators working speed by testing them behind the tractor HP specified by the companies. After selecting the tractor we pulled the aerator to find the highest speed the aerator could effectively work and where the tractor could also handle the pull comfortably.

Some aerators needed to be pulled slower to effective and other needed to go slower because the tractors couldn't handle them.

Repair Costs

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Repair Costs: After testing the aerators for a full season we were able to pull them out of the fields and examine them. We were then able to add up the costs of what it would take to get the aerators ready to go for the next season.

A couple of the aerators also had repair costs while in the field. We added up the costs not only of the repairs but of the downtime the unit had to spend while waiting on the repairs.

Horsepower Requirements

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Horsepower Requirements: Being able to get accurate horsepower requirements was one of the most important tests for us to do. We tested the aerators behind a tractor to find the amount of horsepower needed to effectively aerate.

We found that a couple of the aerators called for much less horsepower than was actually required in the field.

Soil Fracturing Depth

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Soil Fracturing Depth: When it comes to aeration, soil fracturing depth is the main function of an aerator. We tested the aerators in a variety of soil types to see the exact soil fracture depths of each aerator.

The fracture depths are different from the actual penetration of the aerator, the aerators use their different styles to send cracks deep down into the soil.

Product Lifetime

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Product Lifetime: We looked at the aerators we choose and their performance in the field. We also spoke to owners of each aerator to find out how their units had held up.

Based on the information that we gathered we were able to estimate a product lifetime. This lifetime is based on an average seasons usage during an average year over 500 acres.

Purchase Price

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Purchase Price: We purchased the aerators that we tested. This means we paid a real retail cost. So we compared the retail cost we paid versus their advertised costs the company gave. Some of the aerators came with extra costs that were added on after the sale happened.

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