Aerway AW0100Q

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The AerWay AW0100Q Aerator ranked #3 in our rankings of the best Pasture Aerators on the market.

Aerway AW0100Q Aerway AW0100Q

The Aerway AW0100Q model Aerator uses Tine Style Aeration. This style of aeration uses tines attached to a rotating axel that rip through the top layer of roots and turn the soil. Aerway uses their patented "Shattertines" that use the twist and lean of the tine and the ability of the tine to lift the soil like a small spade, shattering the compacted layers and recreating the air space in the soil profile.

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Features and Options

Quick-adjust Swing Arms

Allow you to easily change the amount of soil disturbance from simple aeration to more aggressive renovations. Five settings available for 0 to 10 degrees of offset.

Solid Steel Shafts

Rollers constructed of solid steel shaft, combined with individually replaceable “lean and twist” tines make the roller durable and easy to maintain.

AerWay® Shattertines

Shattertines lift and fracture tough soil to increase air and water movement. As the AerWay moves over the surface, the unique angles of the AerWay Shattertines crack and shatter compacted soil 8” and deeper to open new channels for air and water.

Pull-type Wheel Kits

Designed to convert your machine into a “trail” unit with tires rearward. Eliminates stress on your 3-point lift arms by transferring weight to the drawbar.

Ballast Blocks

For hard compacted ground conditions, ballast blocks are available in 550 and 750-lb. weights.

Pull-type Harrow Caddys

Swivel pull-type caddys are available in widths of 17’ to 26’.

Drag Chain Harrows

5/8” diameter; drag harrows are available from 5’ wide to 26’ wide x 84” deep.
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AerWay AR0100Q

The Aerway AR0100Q ranked #3 in our tests of pasture aerators. While Aerway offer a lot of options and different sizes of aerators, we found that the tine style of aeration was least effective at creating lasting aeration effects. the tines were good at breaking up the top layer of top soil but did little beneath the surface. The Aerway produces an average amount of surface disturbance when it turns the top layer of soil.

The Aerway is built to be light and easily pulled, however this comes with its issues. The light design means the durability is low, which leads to more broken parts, mostly the tines. The light design also means when you are dealing with compacted soil extra weight, in the form of concrete ballast blocks, is needed to break into the soil.

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