RanchWorx 10 x 42 SB

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The RanchWorx 10 x 42 SB Aerator ranked #1 in our rankings of the best Pasture Aerators on the market.

RanchWorx SB ranchworx SB

The RanchWorx SB model Aerator uses Drum Style Aeration. This utilizes the weight of the heavy-duty frame as well as the drum, which can be filled with water for additional weight, to pierce the ground. The blades are patterned around the drum in a way which allows for an extremely large amount of weight to be put into each ground penetration. The Aerator then uses the weight and torque to send a fracture deep into the soil.

The versatility of the RanchWorx Sb model is one of the most attractive features of this aerator. This aerator has not only the ability to aerate but at the same time can clear brush and do land leveling. The drum design allows for a much heavier unit to be pulled with less horsepower and still do a betting job of soil fracturing than other aeration styles.

RanchWorx Aerator

Features and Options

Heavy Duty Frame Construction

The frame of the RanchWorx Aerator is built extra strong to withstand not only pasture aeration but also brush clearing and land leveling. The extra tough frame also helps add weight to the unit to increase the ground fracturing ability. The weight is what allows for the ground fracture to deep as deep as it is without having to disturb the grounds surface.

Hydraulic Landing Gear

RanchWorx has outfitted their aerators with hydraulically controlled landing gear. They then have put heavy duty aircraft grade tires on the landing gear. These heavy-duty tires are easily able to lift the heavy aerator and make transportation easy. The choice of tire also helps to prevent flats when using in brush.

Full Width Tongue

In order to gain better control and durability The SB model comes equipped with a full width tongue. This tongue is built just as strongly as the rest of the frame, and because of the three points of connection to the frame allows it to pull the aerator evenly, even when on rough terrain.

Larger Blade sizes

RanchWorx offers their aerators standard with 6" blades, but also offers 8" blades as an upgrade. These longer blades give the unit better fracturing ability in very condensed soil, and help with brush cutting.

Optional Drawbar Attachment

Available on RanchWorx SB models is an adjustable drawbar attachment. This drawbar gives you the ability to adjust both up and down and closer and further from the unit, allowing for the attachment of a variety of other implements.

Optional Seeder Packages

The Seeder package from RanchWorx includes three different seeders. One electric broadcast seeder and two different sized hydraulic controlled broadcast seeders. As part of the package the unit is equipped with a walkway and seed storage platform right in front of the seeder for easy storage and loading of the hopper.

Optional Trailing Rollers

The optional trailing roller is attached via the drawbar attachment and are available in multiple widths to match the aerator sizes. The drums also come in three sizes, 24", 42", and 72". Perfect for making your land and smooth as possible after aeration or even help breaking up stubble.
RanchWorx SB PAsture Aerator

RanchWorx SB 10 x 42

The RanchWorx SB ranked #1 in our tests of pasture aerators. One of the main reasons why is the drum style of aeration, this style of aeration is the best way we found to fracture the soil. The soil fracture from the RanchWorx SB fractured the soil at least 18" deep. The way the weight of the unit is turned into torque sends the fracture out in 360 degrees. This allows for the entire soil structure to be broken, creating the best soil aeration possible. The fact that the RanchWorx SB can do this while leaving little to no soil disturbance is quite amazing.

While weight for other aerators can be a bad thing, the RanchWorx design makes weight into a good thing. The rolling drum design means more weight is easier to be pulled, which allows for better aeration. This is what makes the RanchWorx so effective at pasture aeration, being able to rejuvenate soil health quickly and easily by building a better soil structure. The heavy-duty construction of the RanchWorx SB allows for the unit to do a lot more than just aerate pastures. The RanchWorx is a complete range management tool, capable of land leveling, brush management, and aeration.

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