HayKing C-8

The Aerators

The HayKing C-8 Aerator ranked #2 in our rankings of the best Pasture Aerators on the market.

HayKing C-8 HayKing C-8

The HayKing C-8 utilizes deep soil cultivation to break up soil compaction and help build healthy soil systems. The design uses coulters to cut into the top soil in front of the deep soil chisels, allowing for less soil disturbance. The chisels cut up to 9 inches into the soil breaking through compacted soils and creating a large pathway for water and other nutrients to get down into the soil.

While the HayKing model does a good job of breaking a deep crack through compaction soil layers, it leaves a very open deep crack on the surface. These large cracks leave the pastures unusable until the ground heals up. The crack also exposes the deeper soil to the elements, leaving you at higher risk for drying out your soils or erosion. If used in correct timing with rain the cracks can heal up faster and creating higher grass yields.

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Features and Options

Thick Steel Frame

The HayKing C-8 Aerator is built with a thick steel frame. The heavy-duty frame allows for the aerator to handle being pulled through rough soils and break up compacted soil.

Soil Splitting Coulters

The coulters on the HayKing are built to roll as the aerator moves slicing through the top soil breaking up soil clumps, and moving rocks out of the way of the cultivator shanks.

Heat Treated Shanks

Staggered Shanks are made of heat treated steel to be strong enough to break through compacted soils. The shanks come in 17" or 15" lengths and are able to be lifted or lowered to fit the soils.
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HayKing C-8 Aerator

The HayKing C-8 Aerator Ranked #2 in our tests of pasture aerators. The cultivator style of aeration was the second most effective style at breaking up deep compacted layers of soil. We have found that aeration that doesn't reach these layers tend to only have short temporary effects on grass yields. The unit is also built to be able to withstand hard usage without too many repairs being needed.

While the unit was able to break through to the compaction layers, it requires more horse power to pull the unit and puts a lot of stress on the tractor. It also has a much lower working speed than some of the other aerators we tested. While the aerator does a good job at breaking up the soil it also leaves quite a bit of top soil disturbance, and cannot be used on a pasture that has cattle or other animals on it.

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