PASTURE AERATOR: We tested the leading Pasture Aerators so you don't have to.


Real-life tests to get real-life results on the markets leading pasture aerators.

We make finding the right aerator for your situation easy, with real research to get the truth about how each style of aerator works.

We tested the aerators to find out how they ranked in a variety of areas. From durability to horse power requirements to actual soil fracture depths.

What we tested:

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Working Speed
  • Repair Costs
  • Horse Power Requirement
  • Soil Fracture Depth
  • Product Lifetime
  • Purchase Price

How We Tested Them

Pasture Aeration has been proven to be effective in raising grass yields and renovating older pastures. However, with varying styles of aerators it can be hard to know which one will work best for your situation. Aeration has to be used under the right circumstances in order to be effective. If used incorrectly it can have negative effects on your land that can persist for many years.

In order to do our testing, we followed the manufacturer guidelines on when and how to use the implements. From the right weather to the right horsepower, we attempted to follow the factory guidelines as best we could. These companies offer Aerators in a variety of widths, so we tried to choose the most common width that they all shared. For our test we chose Aerators in around a 10 foot width, with working widths from 8 foot to 9 foot.

We tested these Aerators on a South Texas Pasture that hadn't been grazed in ten years. The land suffered from really bad soil compaction due to over grazing. The land had grass growth of less than 20%, and had been over run in areas with mesquite and prickly pear.

What We Tested

  • How the Aerator holds up under use.
    We tested the Aerators under normal as well as extreme use to see how they held up, and how the unit performed.
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  • How much does the Aerator actually weigh.
    We took the actual weight of each Aerator to see how much each unit really weighs.
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  • At what speed can you effectively opperate the Aerators.
    Real-Life test of how fast the Aerator can be opperated and still be effective, at the horsepower recomendations of the manufacturer.
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  • After use in the field how do the repair costs add up.
    Real-life analysis of how the Aerators hold up and what repairs are needed after use in the feild.
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  • What do you need to pull these Aerators.
    We used several tractors to find what we thought was the proper horse power requirements to opperate each Aerator.
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  • How deep does each Aerator really fracture the soil.
    What effect does each Aerator really have on the soil, how deep do their effects really go.
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  • How long will it last.
    With real use how many years should these Aerators hold up and be able to be used.
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  • The real cost of each Aerator
    We really purchased each Aerator to find out how much each one really costs.
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